The Outputs

The six outputs of CREATE for free download are here for you to see, they are:

1. State of the art review of resettlement packages and initial consultation

ENGLISH             FRENCH           GERMAN          ITALIAN

2. Training module for Creative Therapists working with refugees and migrants

ENGLISH            FRENCH            GERMAN         ITALIAN

3. Training module for Clinical Supervisors of Creative Therapists

ENGLISH            FRENCH           GERMAN         ITALIAN

4. Toolkit for resettlement stakeholders to support further use of the CREATE and Creative Therapies

ENGLISH          FRENCH          GERMAN           ITALIAN

5. Create Impact Assessment

Crossroads Impact Tool

ENGLISH        FRANCE         GERMAN         ITALY

Logo Impact Tool

ENGLISH       ITALIAN          GERMAN         Logo Tool Weather Icons           

Logo jigsaw

Create Impact Assessment Report

Impact Assessment Report

6. Positional analysis, sustainability report

ENGLISH          FRENCH            GERMAN         ITALIAN





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